A different mindset to envision greater opportunities in technical skills

Since drones were a hit as an innovative way of making our hobbies even funner — with cameras and awesomely designed helicopters—, many have found great uses for them in the industry and other specialized applications  –drones for agriculture for example-.

But, aside from fun applications and industrial specialization, Education has not been left far behind. As the world seems to be in constant transition to more and more complex and globalized challenges, so does the expectation for people to adapt to these changes as they occur. It might seem that computers and software are taking control of every aspect of business, cities, schools and so on.

It is important for the youngest of us to be prepared for the challenges they’ll face today and tomorrow. These challenges include understanding the technologies that are taking over just about every aspect our their lives.  As this happens, many of these young people can find programming or tech development more interesting than they did before and envision greater opportunities for employment, better living standards and even consider entrepreneurship a good idea.


How can we make it easier for them to learn these skills? Apparently, the answer is not in traditional education.  That’s why we are re-purposing drone technology for a meaningful education.

Let’s find out how.


Technical Literacy

Imagine if the world was to be divided between those who understand technology and those who don’t. Or those who create digital technology and those who are limited only to use it.   Not to mention those who can’t even figure out how to use it on their favor, even if they have access to it (and that’s at least 26% of the adult population from OECD countries).  This doesn’t look so different from our current situation, right? Now, let us put it this way: try to relate to the way we see basic literature in the world… divided among those who know how to read, and those who don’t.

UN reports that 103 million youth worldwide lack basic literacy skills, and more than 60 percent of them are women.  As you can find anywhere on internet, this is a big issue and one of the most important points to address in the UN´s sustainable development vision for 2030.  Fortunately, many organizations, companies and governments are willing to consider joint partnerships to tackle this issues with a framework for action in quality education at all levels.

We have the technologies and lots of knowledge that we can use to strengthen learning environments and to prepare the next generations with relevant technical skills and competitive abilities when it comes to technology, not only for its use but also to motivate problem-solving differently.  This way, the youngest will be more prepared to face these challenges and perhaps help solve the world’s educational deficit and in doing so, they might even provide us with new solutions on any field they could be able to address in their local communities.  Figure it like a domino effect: when you empower the youth, they might end up doing the same thing for those regions that lack of this development not only to ensure technical or basic literacy, but to bring solution for many other problems in the world through the use and development of technology.


The sky is the new playground

We’ve talked about the importance or delivering education differently and most importantly, that this education brings technical skills to float.  Now, let’s talk about how drones can help achieve this order of skills through a different set of tools, while students get the most from the drone experience.

Just imagine considering the sky as a playground and a classroom at the same time; it truly represents a great learning ecosystem.  A drone can be of great help to empower the youth’s mind with greater technical abilities without them even noticing.

Here are some of the skills a drone can provide to a young mind:

HARDWARE UTILITY: Learn to identify real industry materials, equipment structure, and requirement-based decision making.

GPS/FLY: Learn to manage and program real GPS location-based decisions.

NAVIGATION/PROPULSION SYSTEM: In balancing different motors while moving the drone around, learn control principles.

SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT: Learn project-based decision making, programming languages and explore drone applications for any purposes.


An expert’s backup

Learning environments can not be enhanced with the presence of technology alone, and this is a big deal for education and the reason why technologies need to be meaningful for students.  The expertise on learning methodologies and tech development is needed to build innovative learning environments that can potentially increase students interest and skill building.  Study courses must include teacher’s training in able to guarantee an academic progress.

It is a winner combo that allows to empower students in understanding and solving real world problems using technologies, like drones, and prepare them to pursue greatness in the future.


Cardinal Drone for Education

Working with experts in the areas of robotics, software, and networks, we have made it easier for students to create real apps with drones.

If we are able to develop learning methodologies based on the expertise of the major areas of study and interest to the youth, then it is possible to deliver high impact education in technical skills.

One exceptional way of compelling all this, is by enabling a study plan designed specifically to focus on skills that allow students to understand hardware, software and APPs, and also to experiment the freedom to use multiple languages to program a drone for their own purposes.

This Drone kit includes course books for teachers and students. Teacher’s training is included as an essential element of this impact model, including different sets of tools that will help get the most from the drone experience, motivating to build a mindset and different tools to solve problems.

As we have suggested a positive impact of this training courses -we see them as more than just extracurricular activities for students- in higher education (and we will present impact metrics further on), turns out as a perfect compliment for majors in Mechatronics, Computer Systems, Electronics, Networks and related fields; also a great training tool for technical schools.

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Find out more about how drone technology can empower the youth trough education in www.cardinal.education


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